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 DSC7573Beyond the wonders that everyone knows of Florence, Palazzo Vecchio, Ponte Vecchio, Piazza Santa Croce with its historic football, the church of San Miniato located near the magnificent terrace of Piazzale Michelangelo, even the building where you decided to spend your stay has a story of his.

Palazzo Martellini is named for the first time by Donato Velluti in his Cronica domestica of the fourteenth century, which specifies that it was built by Bonaccorso di Piero Velluti in 1260.

It was one of the first buildings built in Via Maggio, then called in Casellina because there was only one house existing in the area, today the Canto alla Cuculia tabernacle, or today's Palazzo Tempi-Mazzei.

The palace was owned by Gherardo Velluti, nephew of Bonaccorso and uncle of Donato, which he sold to the biscuits Piero and Matteo Velluti.

In the 16th century it passed from the Velluti family to the Ugolini family, who already owned several properties in the area.

On 17 July 1619 it was bought by Lionardo Martellini.

The building passed into the hands of various noble families until 1859, when it was bought by Rosselli Del Turco to which it still belongs today.